Ensamma Hugo - Stop motion Animation

My first stop motion film; clay animation with "Ensamma Hugo the elephant" made in spring 2000, when studying the Art and Design course at "Vasa skolans gymnasium" in Gävle, Sweden,

Ensamma Hugo - Stop-motion film
Clay Animation, 2000
Ensamma Hugo 
Hugo is looking for a friend 
Meeting the Camel Babette 
Walking off

When I went to high school at the "Vasa skolans gymnasium" in Gävle, Sweden, and attended the Art and Design Program I did my first stop-motion film.

I made this this clay animation film in spring 2000.

Ensamma Hugo (It is Swedish and means "Lonely Hugo"), is a pink elephant. He has a nice blue hat, but no friends.
So Hugo goes out and looks for friends. He meets the camel Babette and many other strange, weird and funny animals on his journey. 

Method used: Clay figures (made of plastilina clay)
Shot step-by-step with a digital camera.
Editing and postproduction on computer.

Music: Black Cat White Cat
Voices: My art student colleagues made the voices